Disaster Prep & Survival Video Course

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PREPARE for disasters
SURVIVE the event
THRIVE in the aftermath

Course Description

Are you prepared if disaster strikes your community? This in-depth video series will guide you through everything you need to know to protect yourself and your family—and get your life back to normal as soon as possible. From backup power to home security and essential gear, you'll be ready no matter what nature throws your way.
  • 5 Discrete Segments
  • Downloadable Info & Worksheets
  • Watch Any Time & As Often As You Like
Course Content  Total length: 2 hours 11 minutes

Backup Power & Data

When disaster strikes, the grid can go down, taking your digital connection with it. Follow this PopMech action plan to power your home during a blackout.

  • Calculating your home's power needs
  • Finding the right generator for your budget
  • Fuel storage and safety
  • Lifesaving tips

Food & Family

These are the essential ingredients to your survival. Stay out of relief lines with your secure food and water supply, and family-safety plan.

  • Water storage and emergency purification
  • Determining your family's calorie needs
  • Stocking a disaster pantry
  • Keeping the kids feeling safe and secure
  • Planning for your pets

Home Prep & Recovery

Follow these simple steps to secure your home before the event and to clean up your property—safely—once the storm has passed.

  • Tornado survival
  • Deadly tree threats
  • Wildfire escape plan
  • 10 essential tools and why you need them

First Aid & Home Security

During disasters most people pitch in and help their neighbors, but bad things can happen. Former Green Beret and combat medic Mykel Hawke helps you keep your family healthy and safe.

  • Building a first-aid kit
  • Emergency first aid
  • Personal defense
  • Protecting your home

BONUS: Chain-Saw Basics

It's the king of the cleanup tools, but you need to follow the advice of our guest chain-saw expert, Mark Chisholm, to learn how to use this critical power tool safely and effectively.

  • Threat assessment
  • Essential gear and why you need it
  • Learning the key cuts
  • Step-by-step takedown of a tree felled by superstorm Sandy

About the instructor

John Galvin

Contributing editor,
Popular Mechanics

John Galvin covers natural and man-made disasters for Popular Mechanics and is the author of the magazine's "Survive Anything" cover story. His home and family have weathered three major disasters in the past three years. Join John and his crew of experts as they help you prepare before disaster strikes.

Guest experts

Mykel Hawke

Former Green Beret medic
and combat commander

Miriam Arond

Director, Good Housekeeping
Research Institute

Mark Chisholm

Chain-saw safety expert
and ISA-certified arborist

Roy Berendsohn

Senior home editor
Popular Mechanics

... and many more PopMech expert editors